Transmedia storytelling for the greater good

Christmas is about giving … and what content is more suitable for a Christmas blog post than transmedia storytelling in the context of social benefiting.

Therefore I will introduce to you a really great project called The Conspiracy For Good. It is an interactive story that empowers its audience to take real-life action and create positive change in the world.

The Conspiracy For Good was created and produced by Tim Kring (the creator of Heroes) and his production company TKE in conjunction with Nokia and The Company P.

The pilot spanned the globe and culminated in four weeks of live events and game play in the streets of London this year. In London it allowed for people to participate inside a fictional story to do real good in the real world. And as a result The Conspiracy For Good succeeded in building/stocking five libraries in Africa, funding 50 scholarships for schoolgirls and generating over 10.000 books for the Zambian libraries through

The creator, Tim Kring, wanted to integrate a philanthropic mission into the narrative itself. On the website for The Conspiracy of Good Tim tells about his idea: “A few years ago, I started thinking about an entirely new way to tell a story, far different from traditional TV. I didn’t just want to talk about ‘saving the world’ in fiction, I wanted to create a narrative that spilled out into the streets. One that you could live inside of for a while. How cool would it be, I thought, to create a story that exists all around you all of the time? On your laptop, your mobile phone, on your sidewalks, as a secret message hidden in your favorite song or while standing at the bus stop on your way to work…”

Tim Kring and his team really understand how to benefit from the digital age of today and The Conspiracy of Good sets a brilliant example for all of us on how to make the most of the transmedia universe that evolves around us.

Merry christmas everybody!

We wish you all the best