Wreckamovie.com – a virtual film studio

Hi everybody

I hope you have had a fantastic christmas and a great New Year !!

In this post I will show you the Finish website wreckamovie.com, which is an interesting collaborative film production platform.

Wreckamovie.com is a place where anybody can come and set up their own film production, and find a community to collaborate on, or find an interesting film productions and become a collaborator. It helps get films done faster and at a considerably lower cost through crowd-sourced work on production tasks and online resourcing of expertise and corporate funding.

Take a closer look at the site and see how it works. I think it’s very interesting in the perspective of low-budget productions, funding and viral social marketing.

Here is a short interview with Peter Vesterbacka one of the founders of wreckamovie.com

If you are more interested in websites that allows filmmakers to collaborate or raise funds, then follow this link makingthemovie.info

All the best
Kristian K