We are watching Big Brother

Hi guys

I stumbled across this 6 minute video on YouTube one afternoon, in which the speaker Henry Jenkins (also quoted by Mette in the post below) makes some very interesting points about transmedia and the new media system that is gradually taking over. Henry Jenkins has a Ph.D. in Communication Arts and works as the director of Comparative Media Studies at MIT. In this video he talks about how spectatorical culture is giving way to participatory culture, how the people is taking back the power of storytelling, and he defines the concept of “convergence culture”.

Interestingly, when speaking of social injustice issues, the people is now able to record and document transgressions – We are watching Big Brother now. 

Jenkins also provides examples of successful transmedia projects: The Matrix when it comes to fiction; The Obama campaign as an example of non-fiction; and documentary films as well.

This video is a transmedia snack to start the weekend, so have a great weekend and enjoy!