Private Public Screenings

The Danish band Efterklang makes (in my humble opinion) some of the more interesting music in this country, and now they have also started on making movies – or collaboration with French filmmaker Vincent Moon – on making one movie at least.  As they write on their website (which can be found here:

The film will have the same length as an album and in it you can see us in several musical experiments and collaborations with more than 200 kids, parents and local musicians on a very special island in the Danish countryside.

But Efterklang is not only making interesting music and movies – they are also getting in to interesting distribution models. As a part of their launch of the movie they have introduced the concept “private public screenings”, where you can sign up if you want to open your home for a screening of Efterklangs collaborative play.

There are three rules if you want to throw a premier at your home:

1: It shall be free of charge
2: There should be room for at least five persons
3: It should be public

Read more and see teasers here:

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