Ultraviolet – new digital distribution platform

A consortium of Hollywood studios and technology companies plans to launch an initiative called Ultraviolet that’s intended to jumpstart the business of selling films and television shows on the Internet.

After more than four years in the works, Ultraviolet will allow consumers to purchase digital copies of movies that can be stored online or transferred between devices without an added cost. The users will be able to share it with up to six friends or family members, transfer or stream the movie on up to 12 devices and create copies on DVDs and portable flash drives.

Ultraviolet is supported by every major Hollywood Studio except Walt Disney Studios, and a number of consumer electronics companies (Sony, Philips, Samsung and Panasonic), with notable exception of Apple Inc. (Steve Jobs, CEO at Apple Inc, is Disney’s largest individual shareholder).

I think this initiative will be very interesting to follow – mostly because of the forces behind the platform, but also because of the lack of Apple/Disney. I will keep you updated about the further development of the platform.

Read more about the platform here

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