The Digital Revolution

In my search for a specific document om my computer I found Michael Gubbins report “The Digital Revolution” from February 2010. This report deals with the revolution currently taking place in the film industry and it is STILL very interesting to read. Gubbins argues, among other things, that one of the biggest challenges for the industry, is the distance between the filmmaker and the audience. He focuses on the new possibilities of interaction and distribution in the digital world.

The report is published by Cine-Regio and available here.

Do yourself a favour and read it !! 🙂

About Michael Gubbins
Michael Gubbins is a journalist and consultant, concentrating on digital and cross-media developments.

From 2004 to 2009 he was editor of the leading trade publications Screen International and He has produced major reports on digital change for the leading film bodies and businesses including the UK Film Council, Swedish Film Institute, Europa Cinemas, Rotterdam International Film Festival, BAFTA, Power to the Pixel, UK Film Export Group, UK Industry Trust, Olsberg SPI and Hogarth Pictures. He has also been a keynote speaker and chair to events in Berlin, Cannes, Rotterdam, London, Brussels, Paris, Dublin, Malmo, Athens, Lisbon, Dubai and Edinburgh.

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