Sundance kickstarts the woods… Or something

Perhaps some of you already know and others definitely know the Sundance Film Festval (

This year’s film festival is already running and one of the movies to be screened this year is The Woods by Matthew Lessner. A movie about a “satirical attack on young, modern, globally conscious citizens” that “tells the story of eight grown-up American children creating utopian society as best they can”.

You may ask yourself why write about this here? Well… because of Matthew Lessners (choice of) Executive Producer:

As Mashable writes here The Woods is the first Kickstarter-funded Film Headed to Sundance. By the help of 95 people Lessner managed to raise $11,584 to complete his film (the goal was $8,000).

And there is some sort of poetic justice in the fact that while this film is dealing with ”…a world where new technologies merely distract us from reality, the greatest revolution can only begin by leaving everything behind” it has found its way to sundance through crowd funding on the web.

A quick introduction to kickstarter can be found accompanied with some dazzling infographics here.

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Kristian N