IntoNow – for those of you who are really into the ehm… Now

I am a huge fan of the Shazam app – and as a massive consumer of music it has been very handy to have more than a few times.  The app’s instant and automatic answers on what I am hearing is genius – and if you add the fact, that there is no required action of from my side it is a very appealing cocktail.

But what do you do, if you have a thing for television, but no TV-guide and no clue about what you are seeing in the tube, but at the same time you want to share you experience with your friends. Well… then you have to look into the new app IntoNow. It can “listen” to what television show you are seeing, identify it and allow you to share what you are seeing with your friends on social networks. Further it collects your history of TV-shows so you can keep track of what you have been seeing, when and on which channel.

As written in the article about IntoNow on

“We spend 2/3 of our leisure time watching TV. As the activity of watching TV while talking about shows via our mobile devices becomes even more common (Nielsen says that 60% of us do just that) an entirely new platform for media has shown up. According to IntoNow CEO Adam Cahan, that $80 billion TV advertising industry is clawing for new ways to work and IntoNow is poised to become one of them.

As I said in the video, the service will eventually allow advertisers to send targeted advertising directly to you as you check in to a show. Beyond that, though, the fact that the app knows without any doubt that you’re watching this particular program is information that advertisers haven’t had readily available to them outside of Nielsen ratings.”

Well put…

Read the entire article and see the video here at TheNextWeb:

Happy television time

/Kristian Nø.