Minimum 50% Social TV

In my last blog post I had the hots for the IntoNow application, but now I would like to rewind a bit. The IntoNow application is just an element in the whole social TV movement… Well I don-t know if movement is the right word, but social TV is here. And that’s a fact.

According to the terrific guys over at appmarket.tvMore than 50% of people under 30 regularly watch TV while interacting with a web-connected device and more are sharing their experiences around the TV content they are watching6 via web channels” (and that justifies more than enough the IntoNow application).

They argue that it is essential to learn from the music business. Well learn from the music business failures at least, and try to embrace the users and their willingness to get involved and participate. The potential for nailing it from an industry perspective is here this time.

They outline some of the trends happening at the moment like social commerce with engagement advertising where people are ”liking” themselves to brands and media stacking where people use sociale media (on computers, phones and tablets) and contribute and interact – and make themselves part of the story. Realtime.

Well – I could go on, but instead find the two articles here and here.

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Kristian N.