Seven core concepts on transmedia storytelling – Part 4

It’s time to reveal Part IV of our paraphrased version of Henry Jenkins’ seven core concepts on transmedia storytelling.

Concept #4: Worldbuilding

A transmedia storyteller can benefit from focusing on the concept of worldbuilding.

Increasingly, transmedia storytellers are creating the media that exist in the fictional world as a way of understanding its logic, practices and institutions. Such transmedia extensions, which are often not central to the core narrative, give a richer depiction of the world in which the narrative plays out.

E.g. the people behind the film District 9 constructed a site for supporters of the prawns where alien rights activists criticizes the MNU: This extension of the story world gives the audience an opportunity to experience different sides of the story than are depicted on screen.

This kind of extensive worldbuilding can prompt fan behaviours of capturing and cataloging the many disparate elements of the story world – audience involvement.

Pay Henry Jenkins’ weblog a visit for the full version of the seven core concepts on transmedia storytelling.

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