First Motion is one of Shareplay’s Strategic Projects. It’s a cooperation project between partners in seven Baltic Sea Region countries that supports experimental content production projects to test future opportunities in international digital markets for the audiovisual industries in their countries. Filmby Aarhus and Alexandra Institute are the Danish partners in the project.

The goal is to find out “How to tell/sell a story in a digital future?” Therefore we call for innovative projects for this aim:

  • Your project is more than just a movie/game/app asf.,, but rather whole universe based on your intellectual property, going different platforms and media?
  • You are eager to further develop that IP and try out new ways to reach your audience and/or business models?

Then you are First Motion material !

First Motion offers you the opportunity to develop the first step for your project, by producing the core-part of it (e.g. one media type/form/format out of the whole transmedia project). This step should enable you to continue your whole project later on.

Download the information here
Download the application here

Creatives from the Baltic Sea Region with an innovative transmedia project idea, experimenting with content, format, market approach, multi-platform use, distribution ways or community activities.

The development of projects will include content development, media production, publishing/distribution and marketing.

The projects should target audiences and markets in the Baltic Sea Region itself.
We hereby challenge audiovisual creatives of all kind: filmmakers, animators, game designers, storytellers…


  • Up to € 30.000, – development/production money
  • 2 international workshop/LAB sessions for project development and networking
  • Individual mentoring by the First Motion partners
  • First Motion has established the Baltic Universe Platform – – and an editorial organisation that will be at your disposal for editorial support, online distribution and international promotion support.
  • Digital publishing and international marketing of the pilot/product to be developed in the LAB phase


The danish contacts on First Motion are:

Mette Elmgaard, tel: +45 8713 2505

Kristian Krämer, tel: +45 2612 3300