Seven core concepts on transmedia storytelling – Part 6

It’s time to reveal Part VI of Henry Jenkins’ seven core concepts on transmedia storytelling. The content of the blog post is paraphrased from Henry Jenkins’ words in his weblog.

Concept #6: Subjectivity

Transmedia extensions often explore the central narrative in new ways. They may:

  1. focus on unexplored dimensions of a fictional world
  2. broaden the timeline of an aired dimension
  3. show us the experiences and perspectives of secondary characters from the story

And all of these extensions can be combined.

The good thing about extensions is that they can tap into longstanding readers interest in comparing and contrasting multiple subjective experiences of the same fictional events.

Yet, we have a lot to learn about how to turn this into a strength by exploiting the audience’s desire to see through more than one set of eyes.

As en example Battlestar Galactica‘s webisode series, “The Face of the Enemy” showed some of this potential in focusing around Felix Gaeta, a previously marginalized figure on the series. The purpose of this focus was to create interest among the audience as the Battlestar Galactica series lead into a season where Felix Gaeta was going to play a much more central role.

The webisodes fleshed out Felix’s backstory, explored his motivations, and hinted at some of the future developments, all within a short and largely self-contained storyline.

Pay Henry Jenkins’ weblog a visit for the full version of the seven core concepts on transmedia storytelling.

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