Two upcoming cross-media courses

Hello everybody,

While we are waiting for the spring to begin, I just want to give you a hint about two upcoming Cross-Media courses with an international approach.

The first one is Power to the Pixel’s cross-media course, The Pixel Lab, which will be held in Potsdam, Germany from 26 June to 2 July 2011.

The Pixel Lab provides European film and media professionals with essential training in creating, financing and distributing cross-media projects to build sustainable businesses and become competitive in the international marketplace. The course looks at the whole digital ecosystem for film and media businesses – how the way audiences are engaging with films across platforms is affecting the way that we will create, finance, distribute film and TV properties of the future.

Power to the Pixel will select up to 40 European producers, decision-makers and executives to attend a residential six-day workshop from 26 June to 2 July 2011 with a focus on developing stories that can extend across film, television, online, gaming and mobile platforms.

Application deadline is 1 April 2011.

More information about the Pixel Lab

The other one is the Eric Pommer Institute’s course about Digital Distribution Strategies – this year it will be held in Aarhus the 5th – 9th June 2011.

Fast forward your business! New Media makes filmmakers more powerful than ever. For the first time it is possible to finance, produce, distribute, and own your content – thanks to digital technology. In this seminar we are setting out to equip producers (and distributors) with the basic tools to help them to capitalize on the opportunities of the digital world.

» Learn all about VoD, CoD, DoD, and crowd funding in a social media world
» Strategies for multi-platform projects

• Introduction to new media: content|services|valuechain
• Crowdfunding
• Socialnetworks: How to build up and use social networks
• Producing cross media content and building the buzz
• Digital copyright and related rights
• Licensing of digital content

Experts (amongst others)
Wendy Bernfeld, Rights Stuff, The Netherlands | Peter de Maegd, Caviar Films/Potemkino, Belgium | Thomas Mai, Digital Distribution Expert, Denmark | Stacey Parks, Film Specific, USA | Frederik Stege, TrustNordisk ApS, Denmark | Pekka Ollula, Blind Spot Pictures/Head of Social Media at Iron Sky, Finland | Femke wolting, Submarine, The Netherlands

Information about participation fees etc.

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