Seven core concepts on #transmedia #storytelling – Part 7

It’s time to reveal the last part of Henry Jenkins’ seven core concepts on transmedia storytelling. The content of the blog post is paraphrased from Henry Jenkins’ words in his weblog.

Concept #7: Performance

Increasingly content producers are being asked to think about what their fans are going to do with their content and to design spaces for their active participation.

Transmedia extensions are a powerful tool that can lead to fan produced performances. If you allow for it these fan produced performances can become part of the transmedia narrative itself.

One example of such a fan-made extensions is The Hunt for Gollum – a fan constructed extension of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings movies.

Some performances are invited by the creator while others are not; one thing is certain – fans actively search for sites of potential performance.

Pay Henry Jenkins’ weblog a visit for the full version of the seven core concepts on transmedia storytelling.

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