Taking audience participation to a new level

I just stumbled upon this cool concept for content creators called Shared Story Worlds. In short it is an entertainment property designed for collaboration with unknown individuals.

It allows for audiences to collaborate and participate in the co-creation of canonical content and sometimes even enjoy commercial rights over their works. In other words the concept of Shared Story Worlds grants certain abilities and/or rights to audiences that traditional entertainment has withheld.

It allows audiences to consume content, interact with it, and add new narrative threads to the story world thereby moving the role of the audience to the upper parts of the figure pictured above.

How it works

A Shared Story World (SSW) may begin as a single story (a novel, a movie, an animated cartoon etc.), or a serialized narrative (a TV show, a comic series, a movie franchise etc.) or it may consist strictly of art (images, photographs etc.). Regardless of the mediums involved and the source content, a SSW is not equivalent to a single work. It is a world that has the ability to support multiple creative works and is flexible enough to encourage and support audience participation.

In exchange for audiences spending their time (and sometimes money) to create user-generated content set in the entertainment properties they love, SSW owners offer an exchange of value. That value can be to recognize certain user-generated content as canonical and stamp it ‘official’ or a monetary compensation to the contributor (a flat fee, a revenue sharing option, or some other in-kind gift) – or both.

How cool is that? Visit Shared Story World here: http://sharedstoryworlds.com

A nice weekend to you all!