Transmedia: Five stages to selecting your Right Platforms – Part 4

This reveals step 4 of Robert Prattens five-steps to Selecting the Right Platforms. The content of this blog post is paraphrased from Prattens words in his post.

Stage 4: Consider the timing of platforms relative to each other

Unless you have unlimited resources it’s likely you’ll have to prioritize how platforms are released and to do that it will be helpful to define your objectives. Set your objectives with reference to your business model and resources.

See Prattens post for Table 5 and Table 6, that provide examples of roll-out strategies dependent on different business models. Note that the steps can and may need to be combined or they may overlap. There’s no hard and fast rule – the purpose of the approach is get you thinking logically and covering the bases.

Until now very little has been said about the story. It hasn’t been ignored – it’s been there as a touchstone throughout these four stages – the next blog post will reveal the last of Prattens five stages: Considering the changes to the story to bake-in the platforms and timing.