The challenges of digital narratives

In this short 4-minute video, Marcus Brown – who is the Head of Social Media at Booming GmbH in Germany – addresses a great theme for creators of digital content (single as well a multi-platform) by  pinpointing one of the largest challenges when creating narratives (and characters) in a digital setting.
With new online media platforms having a flow that is stream-based (often in real-time), creators of digital narratives (any kind of narrative – fiction, advertising, gaming etc.) need to consider how and when audience members enter into the story. Thereby meaning that the nature of digital narratives gives the audience the chance to jump in at any time in the chronology of the story, and that gives them entirely different experiences of the story. In other words, there is a large difference in the perceived experience depending on whether the audience member joins in on, say, Thursday rather than the Monday before that.
As he correctly puts it, “it will make your story harder to tell, but also much more interesting.”

Watch the video here: