Large media/digital conference in Aalborg this coming weekend: Platform4 Meeting Hub (free admission)

During 4 days this coming weekend, from September 8-11, Platform4 in Aalborg is inviting everyone to join PLATFORM4 MEETING HUB, a large conference that addresses audiences within media/design/architecture/hacking/learning environments. With a strong line-up of some of the worlds most renowned experts on digital creativity, it’ll be 4 days of immense inspiration.

The event is divided into two main activities, namely the CONFERENCE that is jam-packed with workshops and talks held by experts from Berlin, New York, Sweden, Mexico and of course Denmark, and a so-called MEGA-MAKER-LAB, where 7 invited hackspaces will be working and experimenting day and night creating and building all kinds of innovative projects that the audience are free to drop by and examine along the way.

Friday afternoon in particular is aimed at a media business-audience. It features talks by Martin von Haller Grønbæk, Denmark’s leading IT-attorney and chair man of Danish Open Source Business Association, who will talking about open source as a business driving force – and Christian Villum, Public Lead for Creative Commons, who will be giving an introduction to the license tools offered by global organisation Creative Commons. Tools that offer creators of digital content a way to harness the power of Internet-sharing while still retaining key intellectual rights and creating a business.

Another notable session is one held Saturday by Mozilla (those also making the Firefox browser), who will join the conference to present new technologies that they are working on. The Mozilla session is held as a workshop, where participants are not only invited to hear about the new tools, but will actually try them out in a hands-on fashion.

Download the full program here (5 Mb, .pdf)
Admission is free and no registration necessary.

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