The digital revenue challenge

Todays post is about KMPGs Digital Convergence Equalizer.

Why do so many companies at every stage of the digital technology adoption curve struggle to find revenue models that work? Perhaps it’s because the rules of the game have changed.

To date, most companies have entered the digital arena with a try-it-and-see-what-happens approach. But as the market evolves and opportunities take shape, companies need a more structured approach to developing their digital strategies. KPMG believes that the following three steps, among others, are key to devising the right business model:

1. Understand your digital value proposition.
2. Understand your target audience.
3. Determine an appropriate revenue model.

KPMG has developed ‘The Digital Convergence Equalizer’, which qualifies you to deal with the challenges associated with choosing an appropriate digital revenue model.

The Digital Convergence Equalizer provides a new framework for identifying and evaluating digital value propositions. It is based on 20 value propositions that may or may not be relevant for a particular company. How a company scores in terms of each of their unique relevant characteristics, will determine what revenue model may be most appropriate for the company to consider.

See the presentation of the ‘The Digital Convergence Equalizer’.